Road Paving meeting and report

Report by Chris Tremblay

Present: Aime Sabourin, Thomas Ethier, John Lomoro, Chris Tremblay and 2 other Municipal representatives.

Discussions centered around the fact that the municipality is paying a lot of money for road / equipment maintenance in village Mont-Cascades. /

Also discussed was the need for some major repairs due to a lack of maintenance / recharge throughout the village.

Recently the Provincial government has issued a grant to the municipality to fix / recharge their infra-structures / roads. The proposition is to use that money to recharge most of the roads throughout village Mont-Cascades. Some of them had been recently worked on and don't need any new material. This is also a windfall opportunity for us if we chose to seize upon the occasion.

The proposition on the table is for whoever wants to have their road paved (double-layer surface treatment) to speak up now and get it done for 50% off effectively. 

To explain: in the process of surface treatment, the contaminated gravel must be dealt with and fresh / new material is then spread on the roads prior to applying the finish coats ( tar and gravel ).

The price for those 2 steps are as follow:  4.50$ / m2  for fresh gravel and 6.00$ /m2 for the double layer surface treatment.  The municipality is getting ready to recharge the roads ( fresh / new gravel ).  If 75% of the residents on a road want the municipality to pave at the same time as they recharge their road, it can be done at almost half the price. the 4.50$ / m2 is paid for by the municipality. then the 6.00$ /m2 is financed over a period of 15 years in the following ratio: 77% residents and 23% municipality... basically residents on a given road would pay 4.62$ / m2 to get their road paved, should they decide to get it done while the municipality is recharging their road.

If the paving gets done after the recharge has already been down for some time, the material gets contaminated and the full price then applies to the residents. 77% of 10.50$ / m2= 8.10$ / m2...

Now, you ask me how to go about this opportunity and get my road done? simply get a copy of the form on the last page of the following document: Cantley politique pavage 2010 and get seventy-five percent (75%) of the residents of your road to agree and sign.

  m   $/AN(15 ANS)* $/AN(15 ANS)*
ASPEN 180 6 $73.92 $139.76
BANFF  499  6 $204.92 $387.43
CORTINA  695  18 $95.14 $179.87
COUCHEVEL 280 7 $98.56 $186.34
DAVOS 521 12 $106.98 $202.26
FALUN 111  2 $136.75 $258.55
GRUNEAU 51 2 $62.83 $118.79
INNSBRUCK 84  3 $68.99 $130.44
INUVIK  20 16 $64.68 $122.29
JASPER  235 6 $96.51 $182.46
LAHTI   98 5 $48.29 $91.31
MATTERHORN  1082 25 $106.64 $201.62
MODUM  123 5 $60.61 $114.60
MONT-ALBERT  57 4 $35.11 $66.38
MONT-BLANC 421 14 $74.10 $140.09
MONT-ORFORD 82 2 $101.02 $191.00
MONTREUX 112 6 $45.99 $86.96
MONT-ROYAL** 1994 43 $114.26 $216.02
MONT ST-HILAIRE 129 4 $79.46 $150.24
MONT-TREMBLANT 293 9 $80.22 $151.66
NORVEGE 70 2 $86.24 $163.05
NOVE MESTO 814 14 $143.26 $270.86
OSLO*** 2910 52 $137.89 $260.70
OVESTA  734 24 $75.36 $142.47
RENA  872 26 $82.64 $156.24
SAINTE-ANNE 68 3 $55.85 $105.59
ST-MORITZ 1281 33 $95.65 $180.83
SAPPORO  137 4 $84.39 $159.55
SARAJEVO  926 16 $142.60 $269.61
SEFFELD  427 7 $150.30 $284.17
SIERRA-NEVADA 1088 24 $111.70 $211.19
VACHON  804 26 $76.19 $144.06
VAL-D'ISERE 700 25 $68.99 $130.44
ZURICH  108 3 $88.70 $167.71

* all prices are approximative. A meeting with finance and public works departments will be necessary to complete the request with current interest rates.
** total length includes the already paved section.
*** total length includes the already paved section and the hill wich would be municipality's responsibility


Collaboration with the Municipality to improve our trail system in the Village

report by John Lomoro

The Municipality started working on roads in the village on September 19th and continued to do so until October 6th. Learning of this work the Board requested of the Department of Public Works to take the material being extracted from the roadway by ditching and placing it at various locations throughout the village where we had trails meeting the roads. By doing so we were able to adjust the levels of the trails to roads to enable walking the trails possible (some trail / road intersections had 20-30 feet elevation difference). Nine different trail/road intersections were treated. We hired machinery to move and level the material the Municipality dumped for us. We also placed material at Massey Hall to make the space around the building more useable. The beginnings of a parking space, gathering space can be seen there now.

This work continues to be done and several work projects will be put in place in the coming year to finish the trails for your enjoyment.

Dry Hydrant

Report by Meaghan Massey

To all property owners of village Mont cascades.

This message is to inform you that the Cantley fire department was approved for funding for the installation of a additional water access point in village Mont Cascades. The possible locations were verified against all the necessary criteria to meet FDA standards.

One particular location was a fit - The edge to the pond on Mont - Royal (#).The fire department needed permission from the association to have access to our land (lot# 2621401) in order to send the request to the government of Quebec for their approval. The board of directors has approved this action. If the government approves the location, work will begin in the spring of 2017.

Lake restocking of fish

Report by Thomas Ethier.

In late May early June, a resident of Mont-Cascades continued his work of stocking the Mohr and Trout lakes with a group of volunteers. The fish were purchased from Cedar Creek Farm and were in various sizes between 3 to 9 inches. From what I have been told all the fish survived and the operation was a success. The total cost of the fish was $ 910.47 and there were around 800 fish in total. They are Brook Trout and are native to our waterways. Supposedly the fishing is fantastic in our lakes, however I've never been able to catch one, I leave that to those who have the patience and knowledge of such things.

There is currently plans to continue the restocking next year ensuring future generations have ample opportunity to catch the big ones.

Volunteer of the year

Report by Thomas Ethier.

For her enormous effort putting together the Annual Corn Roast, which included coordinating the volunteers, soliciting donations, contacting the various suppliers, helping with the preparations and the breakdown of the various tents and equipment as well as completing the accounting exercise afterwards to ensure everybody was reimbursed their personal expenses. I am proud and honored to announce that Meghan Massey is this year's recipient of the Volunteer of the Year award.

Meg, thank you very much for your hard work and your dedication to our community, we hope that this small token of appreciation will convince you to do it all again next year.

Also, I am sure that I did not mention many of the other pieces to the Corn Roast puzzle that you needed to ensure were completed to pull off a successful event. Great fun was had by all and I know that the kids look forward to this event year after year.

Project Activity 2016

Report by Rick Massey

The following Activities were completed thanks to the volunteer work force primarily consisting of Village Residents and Owners .

  • Boardwalk Lomoro Trail to Inuvik. Repairs completed to one section [ 8 ‘ ] , damaged by fallen tree .
  • New trail, Chamonix Est. to Oslo . Volunteer team was able to locate seven [7] of eight [8] property survey points , resulting in savings of approximately $ 1,750.00 in survey costs . Boardwalk across wet-land section still needs to be constructed , volunteer task scheduled for spring 2017 .
  • Village Logo re-branded . Thanks to Jeff Juneau [ISP provider] and Zoe Lomoro [Art work] for modernizing the Village logo design

Proposed Projects 2017

Report by Rick Massey

The following Projects can best be completed at minimum cost with Community volunteers . A calendar outlining the project dates

  • Boardwalk Chamonix est to Oslo A volunteer team will be required to construct and install .
  • Boardwalk Trout Lake : from shore to picnic-in-the-pines area .
  • Restore Pike Lake to the original ‘ high-water-level ‘ , currently + 24” / 61cm lower . Repairs required to install a Clemson ‘water level controller‘ at the south end of the Lake to assist and support the natural beaver dam .
  • Boardwalk Trout Lake : from shore to picnic-in-the-pines area .